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Vintage Love with Ian and Kathryn

One of the things many couples will stress over in the run up to their special day is the weather. Despite the fastidious amount of planning that goes into each wedding, there is one thing that we have no control over and that is the good old Michigan weather! We have photographed weddings in every kind of weather, including six inches of fresh snow, driving rain, and scorching bright sunshine. Luckily, June 2nd, 2018 was a 79 degree bluebird day with lots of sunshine and a light breeze.

Have I ever seen the weather ruin a wedding day? The simple answer is no. Even the recent wedding at Wentworth Castle Gardens which made the National news saw a Bride and Groom embrace the hand they were dealt, and with true British grit and determination they made the best of it. Their love for each other transcended anything that Mother Nature threw their way. Instead of letting it ruin their day; they kicked off their shoes, jumped into the puddles and made their day even more memorable for all the right reasons.

The wedding day of Ian and Kathryn couldn't have been further from Wentworth Castle Gardens weather wise! We arrived at Cherry Basket Farm & Epicure Catering in Leelanau County. The farm is located just north of Suttons Bay in Omena, and they grow a lot of their food right on site. Speaking of the food - we were over the moon to receive a delicious meal with heaps of wild morel mushrooms, delicious salmon & pork with seasonal veggies. WOW. I didn't realize what an appetite we both worked up in the hours leading up to dinner, but man did that meal hit the spot!

We have known Kathryn & Ian for only a relatively short time, but in that time we have had so much fun getting to know them. Kathryn is such a warm and welcoming woman, with a heart as big as the ocean. Her vintage pinup style was matched only by her beau, Ian, who collects vintage ties. Immediate when we did our first video conference it came out that they both love cats, so it was obvious that we were meant to be friends. They absolutely adore one another and compliment each other so beautifully.

Working with the highly professional team at Fox + Fern Events was an absolute dream. While they took care of importing the vintage furniture from Serradella Vintage in Charlevoix and arranging it in the barn, organizing vendors, arranging flowers, and doing 97 other things, Kathryn and Ian were able to enjoy their day without a care in the world - just how it should be! If you haven't considered using a wedding planner, just have one conversation with Meaghan. The value of having a stress free wedding day is hard to determine, but what I can say is this: Would you rather be stressing about who is going to light the candles for your reception OR would you rather relax knowing that everything is taken care of? What is your wedding day sanity worth?

We're SO thrilled to be delivering Ian and Kathryn's photos today. Click on the picture of Ethan and me with Ian and Kathryn below to be directed to their full gallery of wedding goodness!

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