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Claim Your Wedding Photography Sign On Bonus From Exposures by Rah Worth Over $500!


PICTURE THIS: It's the morning of your wedding day and you're more excited than you have ever been in your entire life. You reach into your Luxury Tote from Exposures by Rah to grab the gift you'll be giving to your soon-to-be spouse and hand it to your Maid of Honor for delivery. You and your bridesmaids are all together, toasting mimosas to your bright future when you get a knock on the door. It's the massage therapist who is there to provide an hour of chair massage for you and your ladies - what a treat! While you're busy melting off any tension in the massage chair, your photography team whisks away your beautiful wedding gown hung on your custom wire & wood dress hanger to photograph every little detail with care. Throughout the day, you, your families and your entire wedding party bond with your photography team to create the most authentic images that really capture who you are. After you and your sweetie say "I do", it's time to party down at your reception with your favorite people! Your Maid of Honor raises her glass in a toast to the happy couple, and you clink personalized champagne flutes with the love of your life. As you dance the night away, you'll start thinking about how fast the day went and how you wish it would never end, but then you remember...

You've hired the best photography team around, and through your timeless images you can relive those memories every day for the rest of your lives. About a month after your wedding, the two of you decide on a collection of photographs to print. You end up printing more than you expected to because your photography team gave you a $300 print credit so you can have artwork in your home as a daily reminder of the best day of your lives.

Sound like a dream come true? Let's talk!


By rah

Meet your photography dream team! We are Sarah and Ethan and we have been shooting weddings together since 2013. After working closely together for so many years, we have honed our system down to be extremely efficient and seamless on your wedding day. You'll find that we blend well with your families while bonding with you and your wedding party. Come reception time, we'll almost always be the first ones on the dance floor encouraging your guests to come take part in all the wedding festivities! We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service and we will do whatever it takes to get the photos you're looking for!

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