Meet your photography Dream Team!

Sarah "Rah" (like saRAH) Armstrong

Lead Photographer & Owner

Don Highway

Associate Photographer

Ethan Hornacek

Associate Photographer

Although Exposures by Rah was established in 2011, Sarah and Ethan began photographing weddings together in 2013. We have photographed thousand of people at weddings, with countless families, and business headshots together, and our system has been refined to provide you a luxury experience. Don and Rah began dating in 2013 and Don joined the team in 2018 as his interest in photography grew alongside the business. His keen eye and willingness to do anything to get the shot sets his photo style apart from the rest. When you hire our team, we know that you'll cherish your photographs because they are authentic to your unique story. For us, this is not just a hobby, it's our passion and our full time career which allows us to devote our undivided attention to our clients. Our bold and candid style aims to help you relive the emotions you felt on that day every time you look at your photos. From wedding pictures to family photos, senior portraits to commercial photography, we are experienced and prepared to bring your grand vision to reality while consulting and creating with you along the way. We combine Sarah's infectious energy, sincerity and love for her documentary style of photographing weddings with Don's adventurous soul and critical thinking skills and Ethan's creative talents and even keeled nature. We look forward to providing you with the RAHkstar treatment you deserve from our very first meeting!

We are located in Traverse City, MI and we shoot all over Northern Michigan, however we are very welcoming to travel and destination projects, so don't be shy about asking!