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ENGAGED COUPLE MODEL CALL: If you still need to check engagement photos off your wedding planning to-do list, keep reading! 👇

I’m doing something I haven’t done since I started my photography business 10 years ago...


I’m offering a free engagement session to 5 lucky couples with no strings attached!

Why? Great question! My fiancé & I have spent the last decade building a wildly successful photography business called Exposures by Rah (check out our reviews on facebookGoogle, The Knot, & Wedding Wire), & our team is officially growing! We’re adding new associates to our sister brand - EBRA Photographers of Michigan (Exposures By Rah Associate Photographers of Michigan). That means we need 5 couples who are willing to model for us during an education & training day in exchange for a free engagement photo session with a really rad team of super talented photographers! Pets and children are welcome to be included in your engagement session if we choose you!

Winners will be notified via voice text at random spread throughout the month of December to help spread a little holiday cheer! After accepting their award, winners will be announced both on my personal facebook page (let's be friends! Click here to add me!) and in the exclusive facebook group I created for brides to bounce around clever wedding ideas without the constant hum of vendor advertising (click here to join!)

Wedding Entry From Anchor


2020 has already been a rough year for many people - don't make it worse and kick yourself for missing out on this opportunity! Exposures by Rah is seeking 5 engaged couples (love is love - come as you are!) who are crazy in love with one another and ready to go all out for their engagement & wedding photos.

If this sounds like a description of you and your fiancé, DON'T WAIT!

As attractive as this contest is, the fact is that only a small percentage of couples will see this and take action. I put together a small think-tank of engaged people to figure out why this would be, and after several hours of discussion here’s what we came up with:


1. The offer seems too good to be true. I have to buy something if I win, don’t I?

NOPE! No purchase necessary to win. No strings attached. No requirements. No time limits. No contracts. NO SESSION FEE! If we choose you, this session will have no dollar signs attached since it's for training purposes.

2. I’ve already had engagement photos done and I’m happy with how they turned out.

Awesome! That doesn't disqualify you - feel free to enter if you'd like another set of sweet photos!


3. My fiancé and I aren’t model material.

Come as you are! None of our regular clients are models, either. This training is meant for me to teach our associate photographers how to work with REAL people and make them feel comfortable in from of the camera.

4. Pictures just aren't that important to us.

We've heard this many times before, and unfortunately it comes back to bite people later on. If you're okay with the notion of be 87 years old and not having clear and lasting memories of these important phases of your life, then by all means, go ahead and skip the quality photos. Just think of how great all those cell phone pics will turn out...😶🥴

This contest is ONLY available to couples who are already engaged and marking photography coverage as a high priority on their wedding list. Deadline to enter is Dec 31st, 2020.



Yes, if you win, you’ll get digital files to share.

Yes, if you win, you can choose the date and location that works best for your engagement session.

Yes, if this sounds like something you want to participate in, you should enter to win


Meet Your Dream Wedding Photography Team

Sarah "Rah" (like saRAH) Armstrong


Don Highway

Hey friends! My name is Sarah Armstrong but my friends call me Rah. I established my photography company, Exposures by Rah, in 2011. My partner since 2013 in life and business is Don Highway, and with a team of rotating associate photographers, we make up the crew that is your dream wedding and engagement photography and photo booth team. When you hire us, we know that you'll cherish your photographs because they are authentic to your unique story. For us, this is not just a hobby, it's our passion and our full time career which allows us to devote our undivided attention to our clients. Our bold and candid style aims to help you relive the emotions you felt on that day every time you look at your photos. Nobody wants stiff, rigid and uncomfortable posing, and you don't have to worry about that with us. We're here to give you confident guidance and prompts that are guaranteed to make you FEEL. This is going to make your photography experience with us fun and memorable. We combine Sarah's infectious energy, sincerity and love for her documentary style of photographing weddings, and high functioning communication skills with Don's adventurous soul, willingness to do ANYTHING for the shot and critical thinking skills to give you the kind of photography experience you've always dreamed of. 


We are specifically looking for 5 engaged couples who are madly in love with each other, and willing to do whatever it takes to get some truly STUNNING engagement photos. We know you're out there, and we can't wait to meet you! Enter your info by following the link below. The deadline to register is December 31st, 2020.

5 winning couples will be selected at random and notified via voice message over text. After the winners have accepted their prize, they will also be announced in our facebook group, so click here and join now to keep track!

Once the winners have been selected your chance to win will be gone, so click the button below and enter to win NOW!

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