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CLAIM YOUR FREEbies from The Enchanted Mirror Photo Booth at Timberlee Hills now!

This isn't your ordinary photo booth rental! Make a statement with this cutting edge experience at your Timberlee Hills wedding.  The Enchanted Mirror Photo Booth is everyone's favorite way to print, text, email & share photo booth pictures. With exciting animations & a completely customizable interface, you'll be sure to wow your guests with a personalized Enchanted Mirror Photo Booth keepsake & an experience they'll talk about for years to come! 


Here are the details on our Enchanted Mirror Photo Booth packages for your Timberlee Hills Wedding:


* Our professional team of photo booth attendants have served thousands of guests. 1-2 of our professional staff will be on site to help guide your guests throughout the evening of your wedding reception.

* Our most popular package is our 3 hour rental which you'll get for the price of our 2 hour rental package through your connection with Timberlee Hills - SCORE! We have other packages available and you can see all of them by clicking here.

* Wide range of premium props included

* Custom photo templates to fit your wedding color scheme & theme.

* Personalization on each template with your names, wedding date and your wedding hashtag.

* FREE unlimited print outs for your entire rental time. The mirror will print up to 10 photos per session.

* Unlimited texting! Our texting feature allows your guests to send a digital copy to themselves right from The Mirror so they can instantly post it on social media. We can even customize the text they receive to encourage them to use your wedding hashtag!

* Includes one of our premium backdrops.

Because you're a Timberlee Hills client, in addition to a free hour, we will also unlock the GIF feature to help you really leave a lasting impression with your guests. This is a $50/hr value 💰 


Not only that, but we’re going to include a FREE luxury USB thumb drive containing all the professional photos and GIFs from your wedding. This add on has has a $250 value 💰and we are giving that to you for free because of your affiliation with Timberlee Hills.


As if all that wasn’t enough, we will also provide a FREE Wedding Photo Booth Guest Book 📷📖 which will be curated, maintained and managed by your professional photo booth attendant throughout the night. This feature is an additional $250 value that we would like to give you for FREE.


Guests can also play various games on our mirror in between photo sessions.


Here's why you need The Enchanted Mirror at your wedding

Get Social &
Play Games!

Photos taken with The Enchanted Mirror Photo Booth can be texted or emailed to your guests right from the 5 foot touch screen mirror. Guests can also play games like tic tac toe, connect 4 & pong. Now THAT is how you make your wedding unforgettable!

Sleek & Modern Photo Booth

The Enchanted Mirror Photo Booth will take your wedding to the next level. As guests walk up to the mirror, colorful animations and voice guidance will invite them to engage in a magical, interactive "selfie" experience. We'll bring the props, you bring the party!

GIF options & custom frames

The Enchanted Mirror Photo Booth offers a versatile media sharing experience. With the ability to create gifs, guests can use this feature as a way to experience a new kind of photo booth at a wedding. Frames & backgrounds can be customized to give your wedding a special touch!

Incorporate your wedding hashtag

Lots of couples keep the party going on social media. Have your wedding guests stay involved by encouraging them to share their photos using your unique hashtag so you can view them later. We can do this by customizing the text message your guests receive & add your hashtag to your custom photo frame. Ex: "Thanks for visiting The Enchanted Mirror at John & Jane's wedding on 12/31/19. Share this photo on social media using #JohnAndJane4ever!"

Photo Booth Guest Book

Some traditions are timeless, and others need to get with the times. Looking back on an old school guest book is like reading a phone book. Fun, right? NOT! Why not turn your guest book into a fun activity for everyone to enjoy at your event? This will also help to ensure that you have at least one photo of each guest. Guests will be prompted to print as many copies as they'd like (up to 10 per session). They will be reminded to print one for your guest book, and your Enchanted Mirror Photo Booth Attendant will put your book together on the spot!

Unlimited Printing!

We love keeping it simple, so your Enchanted Mirror Photo Booth Experience will include unlimited printing for the time you choose. Print as many as you can while you can! All packages include FREE email & texting features so guests can save their photos digitally and share them on social media. Whether you have 50 guests or 350, The Enchanted Mirror will have unlimited printing during your rental time.

Use The Enchanted Mirror to elegantly display a custom seating chart during idle hours. Check out these examples:

Take advantage of this special Partnership with The Enchanted Mirror Photo Booth & Timberlee Hills!

How does the enchanted mirror photo booth work?



-5.5’ touch screen Enchanted Mirror Photo Booth✅

-Premium props 🤡 ✅

-Professional Attendant(s) to guide you and your guests 🙋🏼‍♀️✅ 

-Unlimited print outs ✅ 

-Unlimited texts sending your photo booth creations to your phone instantly with optional hashtag incorporation 📲 ✅

-Personalized templates with the couple’s names, wedding date and optional hashtag ✅

-Optional premium backdrop ✅

-Free Hour when you book 2 or more ✅

-Free GIF feature ($50/hr value) ✅

-Free Photo Booth Guest Book maintained and curated by your professional attendant ($250 value) ✅

-Sign your name ✅

-Digital props ✅

-Free Luxury USB Thumb Drive with all photos & GIFs ($250 value) ✅

-Touch screen games ✅



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