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Request an invoice for the gift certificate of your choice below.

$150 for 10 Photos

$350 for 20 Photos

$250 for 15 Photos

$450 for 30 Photos

$550 for 50 Photos


Share these helpful blog posts from some of our previous sessions on social media for your followers!

Make the Most of your Family Photo Session

The Pre-Session Warm Up

Why Bribery Is Okay With Us

What If My Baby Cries on Picture Day?

Outfits & Pep Talks: 7 Tips On Preparing for Family Photos


Includes $50 Product Credit!


Includes $75 Product Credit!


Includes $150 Product Credit!


Q: What if we need more than the time specified in our session?

A: That's no problem! The driving factor behind our sessions is the number of photos that we deliver. If it takes a little longer than the estimated time, that's okay with us - the time listed is more of a guideline.

Q: Our photo session is outside - where will we change outfits?

A: We have a portable changing room! Some people also prefer to change in their car.

Q: Do we pick the photos or do you?

A: We do, and we promise not to let any good ones slip through the cracks!

Q: Can we have all the photos/unedited photos?

A: The short answer is no. We don't release unedited photos because it is not representative of our work. If it's not something we would want to put our name on, it's not something we will sell.

Q: How much is it to just buy the rights to the high resolution files?

A: Since we already provide unwatermarked web-sized files that are perfect for sharing on social media, the main reason our clients want to have their high resolution files is because they would like to print their photos. We prefer that you do your printing through us, as we've tried and test printed the best printers available to professional photographers. This would make purchasing the high resolution files unnecessary, but we understand if you prefer to print elsewhere. Owning your high resolution digital files & a personal print release to take your business to another printer is an extremely valuable investment. Choosing this option will give you lifetime access to your high resolution digital files so you can print them for decades to come. Individual files may be purchased and downloaded for $50 each, or you can download your entire gallery for $550.

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