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Michigan Photo Booth Rental


We aren't your ordinary photo booth rental company! Make a statement with one of our multimedia experiences at your next event! The Enchanted Mirror Photo Booth and our Selfie Stations are everyone's favorite way to print, text, email & share photo booth pictures. With exciting animations & a completely customizable interface, you'll be sure to wow and engage your guests with a personalized photo keepsake. This new modern technology will have everyone talking and keeps your brand looking super sleek.











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What can our fully immersive multimedia experiences do for your company?

Get Social!

Photos taken with The Enchanted Mirror Photo Booth can be texted or emailed to the user with your customized logo, brand or event name. Now THAT is how you make a lasting impression with your audience!

Collect phone numbers & email addresses

Target your engaged audience with follow up communication by collecting email addresses and phone numbers with The Enchanted Mirror Photo Booth at your next trade show, festival, convention or event. Not only will your guests have a printed keepsake with your logo from their experience with The Enchanted Mirror, but sending additional correspondence will help you close more deals & build stronger relationships!

Sleek & Modern Photo Booth

The Enchanted Mirror Photo Booth will take your event to the next level. As guests walk up to the mirror, colorful animations and voice guidance will invite them to engage in a magical, interactive "selfie" experience. We'll bring the props, you bring the party!

GIFs, custom frames, & premium backdrops

The Enchanted Mirror Photo Booth offers a versatile media sharing experience. With the ability to create gifs, guests can use this feature as a way to experience a new kind of photo booth. Frames & backgrounds can be customized to give your event or brand a special touch! Make it a fully integrated marketing campaign using a hashtag or QR code. #CuttingEdge

Brand Activation

The best marketing & PR companies will tell you that one of the biggest challenges they face is getting their clients customers to engage with their brand and take action. That's why using The Enchanted Mirror Photo Booth is such a valuable addition to your next event! Create maximum brand exposure at your event or product launch with a magical photo booth experience and increase your online brand presence with instant social sharing and personalized hashtags for your event.

Drive engagement with your target audience & create your own marketing content for use in the future.

Unlimited Printing!

Your company's Enchanted Mirror Photo Booth Experience will include unlimited printing for the time you choose. Print as many as you can while you can! All packages include FREE email &/or texting features so guests can save their photos digitally.

Check out our brand new Selfie Stations! Now available for short term rental & long term installation.

Exposures by Rah is now proud to offer a self-serve semi permanent and per-event custom photo booth rentals! The beauty of the Selfie Station is that users will be creating consistent digital content for you. This allows you to generate brand awareness, run social media contests, provide secret coupons, add QR codes, and ultimately immerse users in a branded experience.


In a high end salon, our Selfie Station is perfect for #BeforeAndAfter photos.

Pavlova Salon Before.png
Pavlova Salon After.png

At a festival, our Selfie Station Photo Kiosks allow festival goers to take photos & post them on social media instantly. Anyone who can show that they’ve shared their branded photo, video or GIF on social media could receive $1 off a hot dog at the food court.


A taproom or bar could use our Selfie Station for a social media contest on Facebook or instagram.


Everyone knows what a #gymselfie is, right? Why not have a branded “look” for all the selfies taken at a luxury yoga studio or high end fitness facility?



This kind of marketing creates the type of cohesive social media branding that does SO well in helping small, medium and large businesses grow. Short and long term rentals for your lobby, bar, showroom or waiting area are available.

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Here are some of the companies we've worked with: