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Zero Highway | Outdoor & Lifestyle Pupfluencer

Currently accepting brand partners

Zero Highway is a Springer Spaniel puppy born August 10, 2022 growing up in beautiful Northern Michigan. His pawrents, Don & Sarah Highway, started instagram and facebook pages in October 2022 as a place to share our puppy obsession & adventures without overloading our own personal social media pages.


Zero's interests are bird hunting, scent games, food puzzles, chewing stuff, food, dock jumping, road tripping & dog friendly travel, being cozy, dog treats & training sessions.


We're interested in working with brands who want to collaborate to create content that features Zero:

  • Living his best puppy life

  • Helping others

  • Retrieving EVERYTHING

  • Experiencing the joys of human-dog companionship

  • Having firsts

  • Interacting with puzzles, toys and games that keep him engaged and interested

  • Playing in the outdoors

  • Being a working dog

  • Giving tips, tricks & best practices for bird dog training

  • Being his most authentic Springer Spaniel self

  • Spending time with his full time professional photographer and content creator pawrents.


Updated February 18, 2024

My audience at a glance

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Current 90 Day Average Engagement Rate (engagement/reach): 14.76%

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Schedule a meeting with Zero's mom, Sarah:

Zero Brand Meeting
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