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Have you ever had trouble finding balance in your life? I'm 31 years old and I'm still trying to figure it out. I love my job, I love living life to the fullest and fitting everything in is difficult sometimes. Lately, I've found peace in being my own boss and working at times when it best suits me. Last Friday, I flew to Silverthorne, Colorado with my boyfriend Don and friend Kyle to meet up our friends Liza, Campo, Zach, Ruth, Lauren and Hayden for a 10 day skiing extravaganza. I'm not gonna lie guys - I was a little nervous about it. I've never taken a vacation for this long in my adult life, and I was afraid that my entire business was going to fall apart while I was gone. Turns out - I'm pretty alright at getting work done from anywhere! We had a couple of photoshoots last week that I needed to deliver while I was still on vacation, and I was able to make that happen which feels like a great accomplishment. In addition to getting all the work done that I needed to do, I was also able to conquer some STEEP STEEPS on at A Basin - I’m talkin’ double black diamond status with unmarked obstacles. THAT was wild and it felt good to check a few of those off my list. For anyone familiar with the mountain, I was able to own a couple Pali Alleys 🙌👌⛰⛷🎿. Check out some of the adventures we're having:

Billy goat boys in the parking lot at A Basin

Driving up in the mountains

Arapahoe Basin

Having a beer at Keystone with Don & Liza

Mountain Love <3

The Keystone Crew

Hangin' with Liza at Keystone

I think our friend Albert who visits our condo with his kits every night might be the highlight of the trip

Brews at Silverthorne's newest brewery - Angry James!

Next stops - Breckenridge, Vail & Beaver Creek!

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