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What to Wear: Senior Photos in Traverse City + Surrounding Northern Michigan Areas

The Botanic Garden at Historic Barns Park Senior photographer northern Michigan Traverse City photos pictures golden hour sunset
Exposures by Rah: Senior photos at The Botanic Garden at Historic Barns Park in Traverse City

Are you gearing up for your senior photo session in the scenic landscapes of Northern Michigan? Choosing the right attire is key to ensuring your senior pictures reflect your personality and style. As a seasoned Traverse City photographer specializing in senior photos, I'm here to guide you on what to wear for a photo session that captures the essence of both you and the breathtaking Northern Michigan backdrop.

Style Tips from Exposures by Rah, Traverse City Photographer:

Traverse City Senior Photos Northern Michigan Photographer
Traverse City Senior Photos

Traverse City Senior Photos northern Michigan photographer
Northern Michigan Senior Photos in Traverse City

Northern Michigan Vibes:

Embrace the natural beauty of Northern Michigan by opting for earthy tones and textures. Soft greens, rustic browns, and muted blues blend seamlessly with the picturesque surroundings, making your senior photos a harmonious blend of nature and style.

Northern michigan senior photographer traverse city photos pictures boy west central st francis
Downtown Traverse City secret photo spot!

Northern Michigan Senior photographer Traverse City beach photos at sunset in Frankfort, MI
Senior Photos Northern Michigan
Traverse city senior pictures photo session photographer
Northern Michigan Senior Photo Session

Seasonal Sensibility:

Consider the season when planning your outfit. Northern Michigan experiences the full spectrum of seasons, each offering unique opportunities for stunning senior pictures. Cozy sweaters and layered looks for fall, vibrant hues for spring, and light fabrics for summer – tailor your wardrobe to the season to stand out against the changing backdrop.

Yearbook senior pictures traverse city northern michigan photographer
Yearbook Senior Pictures Traverse City

Traverse City State Hospital Senior Photos Northern Michigan
Traverse City State Hospital Fall Senior Photos

Express Yourself:

Your senior photos should reflect your individuality. Choose clothing that makes you feel confident and showcases your personal style. Whether you're into casual chic or bohemian vibes, let your outfit be an extension of who you are.

Traverse City state hospital senior photos photographer northern Michigan
Traverse City State Hospital Senior Photos
Northern Michigan senior photos creative unique traverse city photographer
Creative senior portraits northern Michigan photographer

Senior Photos Traverse City Style Guide:

City Chic:

Northern Michigan Senior photos downtown traverse city photographer
Downtown Traverse City Senior Pictures

For those seeking an urban flair against the Northern Michigan charm, opt for sleek, modern outfits. Crisp lines, tailored jackets, and city-inspired accessories create a striking contrast against the natural beauty of Traverse City.

Northern Michigan senior photographer traverse city west central st francis tcaps kingsley mesick
Traverse City Senior Boy Photos
Northern Michigan Senior pictures traverse city photographer Leland Classic Car Red Truck old Chevy Chevrolet
Traverse City Senior Girl Pictures

Casual Elegance:

Traverse City senior pictures often benefit from a touch of casual elegance. Flowy dresses, tailored jeans paired with stylish tops, and comfortable yet chic ensembles capture the relaxed sophistication of northern Michigan.

Northern Michigan senior photos traverse city beach sunset northern michigan photographer
Flowing dress senior photos at golden hour in Northern Michigan
Sleeping Bear Dunes Senior Photographer Northern Michigan
Traverse City Senior Photographer in Northern Michigan

Senior Photographer in Northern Michigan | Wardrobe Wisdom:

Textures and Layers:

Northern Michigan's diverse landscapes provide an opportunity to play with textures and layers. Think cozy knits, scarves, and jackets for a fall or winter session, and light, flowy fabrics for a spring or summer shoot.

Traverse City Senior photographer northern michigan pictures photos
Northern Michigan Senior Photos
Northern Michigan beach senior photos traverse city photographer
Senior photos at the beach | Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore

Avoid Overly Busy Patterns:

While patterns can add interest, be cautious not to overwhelm the photo with overly busy designs. Simple, classic patterns or solid colors often work best to keep the focus on you.

Traverse City Sleeping Bear Dunes beach senior photos northern Michigan
Sleeping Bear Dunes beach senior photos northern Michigan

Pick A Time Below To Chat More About Booking Senior Photos With Exposures By Rah:


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