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A Perfect Crystal Mountain Wedding: Ed + Melissa's Unforgettable Evening

The wedding reception of Ed and Melissa on June 29th, 2024, at Crystal Mountain was a blend of vibrant energy, elegance, and classic charm. The day was a true reflection of their unique love story, filled with moments that were both heartwarming and captivating.

Northern Michigan Wedding Photographer Crystal Mountain
There's NOTHING like golden hour wedding photos in Northern Michigan! We get the BEST sunsets HANDS DOWN
A groom kisses his bride on her cheek at sunset with glowing twinkle lights in Northern Michigan at Crystal Mountain in Thompsonville
Northern Michigan Wedding Photographer Crystal Mountain
Couple smiling at the camera sharing their first dance as husband and wife at Crystal Mountain in Northern Michigan
Bride and Groom first dance at Crystal Mountain
Family dances at Crystal Mountain Wedding
Family dance
Photographer has captured a candid unposed moment when the Bride and groom hold daughters and share a first dance as a family at Crystal Mountain in Northern Michigan
First dance as a family
Father Holding Daughter at wedding reception
Wedding reception lights
Father walking up to dance floor to dance with his daughter the bride
Father daughter dance

The visual spectacle of the day was highlighted by twinkling lights and a captivating golden hour. The sun's descent cast a golden hue over the reception, creating a magical atmosphere that made every moment picture-perfect.

The sounds of the talented dueling pianos from Howl At The Moon added a rich layer to the day’s energy. Their music resonated through the venue, providing an uplifting and joyful soundtrack to the celebrations.

Howl At The Moon Dueling Pianos Live Wedding Band Northern Michigan Chicago
Howl At The Moon Dueling Pianos

The air was filled with the scent of fresh Northern Michigan air, mingling with the aroma of blooming flowers and delicious cuisine, enhancing the sensory experience for all guests.

WMU Western Michigan University Dance Team Alumni
Western Michigan University Alumni Dance Team

The textures and glisten of Melissa's beautifully beaded wedding dress and sparkling red hair were vividly memorable. Each intricate detail added to the overall elegance of her look, making her feel like a goddess.

Candid wedding photographer unposed Crystal Mountain Wedding Photographer
Candid and authentic wedding photography tells the story of your day

Guests were treated to tasty treats, including an evening visit from the world-famous Moomer's Ice Cream. The delightful flavors were a hit, providing a sweet and refreshing break from the lively dance floor.

Kids at a wedding reception at Crystal Mountain in Northern Michigan
The speeches were so touching, even the kiddos paid close attention!

As the evening unfolded at Crystal Mountain, guests were treated to heartwarming speeches, tears of joy, and LOTS of dancing. The atmosphere was electric, with everyone coming together to celebrate the love and happiness of Ed and Melissa. The joy and laughter were infectious, creating an unforgettable experience for everyone in attendance.

Parents of the bride sharing a kiss
Parents of the bride sharing a kiss
Bride dancing with a tambourine on the dance floor to live music from Howl At The Moon at Crystal Mountain in Northern Michigan
The dancing queen on the tambourine!

The art deco style of the wedding was brought to life through stunning floral designs, elegant centerpieces, and our Enchanted Mirror Photo Booth. Every detail was meticulously planned, creating a cohesive and visually appealing aesthetic that perfectly matched the couple’s vision.

Elegant Classy Northern Michigan Photo Booth Rental
Centerpieces & The Enchanted Mirror Photo Booth
Classy Photo Booth in Northern Michigan Traverse City Crystal Mountain Wedding
Party girls keeping it classy in our Enchanted Mirror Photo Booth props!

One of the challenges faced during the day was keeping the couple lit properly from all angles, which was overcome by using off-camera flash. This technique ensured that every photo captured their beauty and the ambiance of the venue perfectly.

Among the many beautiful moments captured, my favorites include the candid moments on the dance floor and the romantic golden hour photos. We even walked over to their home on Crystal Mountain's property, a condo right next to the reception tent, to capture some intimate and personal shots.

Bride and groom holding hands on the porch of their condo at Crystal Mountain in Northern Michigan
Ed + Melissa at their Crystal Mountain condo during golden hour on their wedding reception night

During our conversations, Melissa and Ed shared their incredible story of meeting in Las Vegas and learning that they actually only lived a mile away from each other back in Chicago. The serendipity of their origins perfectly encapsulates the essence of their relationship, making their wedding day even more special.

A particularly touching interaction was when the father of the bride gave his speech. He proudly boasted about his daughter’s amazing accomplishments and the joy he has to officially call Ed his son-in-law. He spoke about how Melissa's journey, from being a dancer on the Western Michigan University dance team to performing on Broadway, took them all over the world together. His emotional words highlighted the joy and pride he felt on this special day.

Bride hugs her mother and father on the dance floor under the tent at Crystal Mountain in Northern Michigan
Melissa hugs her mom and dad on the dance floor
Father of the bride celebrating on the dance floor hip hip hooray
Father of the bride nails his speech & celebrates!

Reflecting on Ed and Melissa’s wedding, it’s evident that we were the perfect match to work together. Their love story, the stunning venue, and the heartfelt moments made it a truly memorable event.

If you’re looking for a photographer who can capture your day with elegance and authenticity, schedule a time for us to chat more about the details here & let’s make your wedding day unforgettable:


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