Meet The Laubachs | Northern Michigan Wedding Photographer | Traverse City

Coming to you on the blog today is Emilee and Logan Laubach’s September wedding in Northern Michigan, which is a serious contender for one of the most fun weddings I have ever had the chance to not only photograph, but to also attend.

From the time we arrived in the early afternoon to well into the wee hours, it was a non-stop stream of laughing, dancing and merrymaking. (Do people say “merrymaking” still? If not, this wedding is def bringing it back).

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It's wedding day!

Getting Ready

These two lovebirds met working a summer job during college and their fist date was exploring the ice caves in Traverse City. They have clearly been having the time of their lives ever since. And, as you’d expect, the bridesmaids and groomsmen were just as much fun. I mean, there are wedding parties… and then there are wedding PARTIES. It also helped that Ethan went to high school with Logan, so it was easy for us to be comfortable with everybody right away. They also used our E