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AccessPoint Traverse City

AccessPoint is the leader in providing high-level employment-related services for organizations across industries with over 30 years of expertise. They are an organization providing staffing, recruiting, and full-service human resources services. At AccessPoint, they are dedicated to being a quality leader for the organizations they serve and the individuals who work for them. How did they come to find Exposures by Rah? Well this is another BNI Cinderella Story...

Last summer, I (Rah) attended a Member Success training program for the BNI group I had just joined. I met Lisa at this training and I'm so glad I did! Between attending training together and a follow up recommendation from Doug VanDyke (who is in another BNI group - Thanks Doug!), Lisa and I were able to connect so we could update headshots for her and her coworkers. Click on Lisa's photo below to be directed to their full gallery, and if you're interested in booking headshots for yourself or your coworkers, please fill out our intake form at

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