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HELP! My event needs a photo booth | Traverse City Photo Booth Rental | Exposures by Rah | Enchanted

Have you heard the great news? Hiring a professional and reliable company to run a sleek & modern photo booth in Traverse City has never been easier! Exposures by Rah has not just one, but TWO styles of fully immersive multimedia photo booths. Perfect for all occasions, hiring a photo booth in Traverse City for your Wedding, Festival, Birthday, Graduation or Corporate event makes you look like a party planning guru! Don't take our word for it though - check out these testimonials from our clients! Click on any of the photos in this blog post to be directed to our Traverse City Photo Booth rental information.

So you've decided that you want to hire a photo booth for your Traverse City event? Great! Let us help you learn the basics of creating a one of a kind experience for your guests. First thing's first - you'll need to decide if you want to give your guests physical prints, or if you'd rather focus on providing a fully digital experience. Most guests in Traverse City really love the texting feature of our photo booths, but we find that given the option, over 90% of guests will ALSO opt to print their photo booth creations.

Our Enchanted Mirror Photo Booth continues to amaze wedding guests in Traverse City! Our dazzling animations and the 5.5' touch screen mirror will excite people of all ages!

If you decide to include prints in your photo booth package, you'll also need to choose if having a photo booth guest book is something you'd like to include. Traditional guest books are boring - who reads those phone book style entries, anyway? Our Traverse City wedding couples have been choosing to add this option on to their Enchanted Mirror Photo Booth package.

Throwing the hottest party in Traverse City is impossible until you've added The Enchanted Mirror Photo Booth or one of our Selfie Stations.

Do you own or manage a gym in Traverse City? Are you looking for a more permanent photo kiosk with a small footprint in a self serve capacity? The team at Exposures by Rah can customize a rental package tailored to your needs. We currently offer hourly, weekly, monthly, 3 month, 6 month, & 12 month Selfie Station Custom Installation agreements.

Traverse City Salons can now create their own social media content IN HOUSE with our Selfie Station Custom Installations. Our custom analytics report will provide the email addresses and phone numbers of anyone who used your salon's photo booth along with loads of other data to help you grow your business!

This is an example of one of our Selfie Station Custom Installations - a multimedia photo kiosk for rent in Traverse City:

If you're a Traverse City business owner, our software can really help you identify your target audience and generate interaction & brand awareness using facial recognition, scratch off coupons & spin to win contests. Here's a video with more information:

Our team can even customize the animations that appearing during your photo booth experience.

Unfortunately, we've seen wedding receptions that have been disappointing for the average wedding guest. Each one of the wedding receptions we've seen features most the same traditions - cutting the cake, sometimes a garter & bouquet toss, and of course the infamous first dance. If you are looking for a way to put a modern twist on a classic favorite at your wedding reception then you should definitely consider having a photo booth from Exposures by Rah.

Here's why:


Some of your favorite photo opportunities are going to happen later in the evening after guests have enjoyed a few signature Traverse City spirits. Often times, professional photographers are gone by the time guests start "loosening up", and you end up missing out on some real *memories* that you might - eh hem - only vaguely remember UNLESS -- there's a photo booth capturing all the action! If you're thinking of hiring a photo booth from Exposures by Rah, consider that it's a safe way to ensure that you'll get a photo of every guest, regardless of whether or not your photographer does. We definitely don't suggest that you use a photo booth to replace having an actual wedding photographer and videographer as you will want these professionals on hand to capture all the key moments of your wedding. However, a photo booth is a great way to ensure that you'll receive at least one picture of each guests and capture the extended hours activities after your photographer leaves.


In our opinion, having a photo booth at your wedding reception provides unlimited entertainment throughout the evening for your guests. Everyone loves mingling and interacting with each other while they dress up in our props getting ready to take a picture in our photo booth.


Our Enchanted Mirror Photo Booth offers a way to print customized templates for Traverse City couples with your names, your wedding date, your #CustomHashtag and any other information you'd like to include. Add on a pack of magnetic photo frames, and you've got yourself a custom wedding favor that all your guests will be hanging on their fridge. After all, each wedding guest can go home with their own personalized photo. If you do want to offer favors, you can fit the theme with some small photo frames. Ultimately, having a photo booth will take some of the guesswork and effort out of the favors.


A big reason to invest in having a photo booth at your wedding reception celebration is because it satisfies those who love tradition AND those who love modern technology, making it an appropriate addition to any wedding and our open air concept makes our photo booths accessible for all of your wedding guests. You might find your older relatives swooner over the nostalgia of a photo booth. Our photo booths bring out the child in every adult giving everyone the chance to be creative and playful with their photo booth creations. Let's be real - children will revel at the idea of having their very own professional photo session!


By offering a photo booth at your next event, you are providing an easy way for your guests to create their own memories from your event. Share every instagram worthy moment instantly, and look back on your memories for years to come. We can even incorporate a hashtag to help you keep a consistent "look" for your event.

Pro Tip: Booking your photo booth with Exposures by Rah not only guarantees that your photos will be top quality, but you can also rest assured that you're renting state of the art technology! Our Traverse City photo booth rental options offer more than just pictures. Also captured are the moments of laughter with video, a goofy interactive gif option, the boomerang effect and much more with our top of the line interactive booths! All creations can be sent via text or email instantly using our mobile hot spot. Want to receive our best rates? Check your availability by clicking on any photo in this blog post and filling out our availability form!

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