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Hop Lot Igloo Engagement Photos | What to Bring to a Winter Session

Some of you read that title wondering what a Hop Lot is. Those who live in or visit Northern Michigan know that Hop Lot is a quaint little brewery with the coziest igloo village situated on the south side of Suttons Bay. It's also been the perfect backdrop for this year's winter engagement photos! Meet a few of our outstanding 2020 couples:

Perri & Dirk


I absolutely loved this engagement session! Dirk & Perri wore outfits that they felt their best in, without overdressing for our igloo village setting. The long black coat that Perri put on along with Dirk's blue puffy jacket added a very fitting look for the outdoor photos behind Hop Lot. Also - check out that bling bling! What to bring - the takeaway: Wear what you're comfortable in that's appropriate for the location/weather. A nice jacket can add a new look for outdoor photos. Polish your ring before your session like Perri!

Andrew & Rachael


While Hop Lot doesn't allow furry friends to join you in the igloo village, we called ahead to ask for permission to snap a few family photos for Andrew, Rachael, Luke & Lenny during this engagement session. One of my favorite parts about this location is that it's so close to Traverse City. Just a 20 minute trek up my favorite scenic drive, M22, and you'll find yourself in this Winter Wonderland. That means it's not too far from town to bring the doggos! What to bring - the takeaway: YOUR DOGS, treats, and squeaky toys! (But give me a heads up so I can call ahead!) Oh and maybe a couple cute hats for good measure.

Danielle & Josh


Danielle and Josh had the great idea to bring a cozy blanket to incorporate into their igloo engagement photo session at Hop Lot. I've known Josh since high school & Danielle since ~1stish grade. Her mom was my 4th grade teacher (HI MRS. LAFRANCE!) and we swam together through high school. I moved up north and Danielle went on to college, but it's been so great to reconnect with these two - I can't wait for their wedding! What to bring - the takeaway: Nostalgia and a blanket 😂