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The Dennos Museum {Golden Dragon Acrobats}

None of the jobs we take on are boring - even the most straightforward headshot is still very fun for us because we love connecting with members of and visitors to our community. Some jobs, however, are absolutely thrilling and that's what we got to experience at our most recent event with The Dennos Museum in Traverse City. It was a packed house for The Golden Dragon Acrobats, and from what I understand, that's not unusual for this act that frequents The Dennos Museum. Live event photography is always exciting for our team because we have the opportunity to attend shows that we might not otherwise have the chance to see. This group was talented beyond compare - they were juggling volleyballs with their feet and they made it look easy! It was quite a production - there were hoops, jugglers, tumbling, balancing, chandeliers, and artistry all carefully choreographed into a well rehearsed show. Take a look at the photos below and click on any of them to see the full gallery of photos!

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