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Dressing Your Family For a Photo Session | Cherry Blossoms Northern Michigan

The birds are chirping, the buds are blooming, and the snow has officially melted. That means it’s time for your spring family photo session. Everyone loves our region's cherry blossoms that are here for about 14 seconds and then they're gone, and we always try to squeeze in a few photos in our favorite orchard. This is something we've gone to the farmers and spoken to them about first hand, so please - don't just trample through cherry orchards without permission =]

Here are some tips to ensure the whole family looks like a million bucks:

  • It's Spring, so play on that with your choice of outfits. The shirts that Amy and her daughter chose to wear were perfect. They're lightweight so it conveys that it's a nice warm day, the patterns are subtle and don't overpower everything going on around them.

  • Channel the colors of spring. Seriously – look out the window for inspiration for your family’s color palette. Greens, pinks, yellows, beige, khaki, and blues all work exceptionally well.

  • I particularly love when families don't try to pretend to be something they're not. No matter what you end up wearing, make sure nobody feels uncomfortable or stiff.

  • Amy and her family waited for the right day. We tried on at least 3 other occasions to make a photo shoot happen, but when you're coordinating with your adult children who live out of town and HOPING that mother nature deals you a good hand, things don't always go to plan. The takeaway from this? Good things cannot be forced BUT they ARE worth waiting for. Click on any of the photos in this blog post to be directed to the Lipke family's full gallery of photos both in color & also in black & white.

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