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Beach Sunset Family Photos | Old Mission Peninsula Lighthouse | Northern Michigan

Up next on our blog is the Mott family! Becky reached out to us to schedule their sunset family photo session at the Old Mission Peninsula Lighthouse - one of our favorite photo locations. While we were passing all the beautiful vineyards & farms and the sun began to lower in the sky, I knew it was going to be an awesome night for pictures!

This lovely little family travels the world together! In the summer, they spend time in the Traverse City area, then they jet set across the world to go teach english in other countries. By now, they're already back in Shanghai, China getting settled in for the school year.

Northern Michigan has a way of providing so many perfect nights for family photos just like this night. The sun was filtered by a thin layer of fog which provided the perfect haze for a SUPER red sun and the equation for phenomenal light. Coupled with outfits that were perfectly paired for the colors of the night, the Mott family really pulled off some wall-hangers - I can't wait to see what artwork they order!

Thank you to Theron, Kailee, Becky & Carter for scheduling your portrait session with our team while you were here - we look forward to seeing you again next summer! Until then, let these images remind you of the summer nights spent on the fresh coast. If you'd like to see the Mott family's full gallery of high & low resolution photos both in color & black & white, click on any picture in this blog post.

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