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Meet Heidi! {Thai Body Work Studio in Frankfort}

Who here loves yoga? (I'm raising my hand!) Did you know that Thai Body Work, sometimes referred to as lazy man's yoga, is a great way to experience the benefits of both massage & yoga? This is because the deep stretches are initiated by a third party, allowing you to get deeper into poses. This is all new information to us and this is the woman who we learned it from - Meet Heidi!

Heidi's specially trained in this magical massage/movement technique, and we were so happy to have the chance to see Heidi in action. She has a little studio space in Frankfort, so we've got an expert in Thai Body Works right here in Northern Michigan! Heidi invited us over to take photos during one of her sessions, and boy were we in for a treat! We learned so much during our time with Heidi, who is an absolute boss woman. I gotta say - seeing another person be passionate about what they love really revs me up about my own business! Her inspiring story of being called to Thai Body Work is one you should hear for yourself when you book your session with her. She's quite a wonderful human with the warmest heart, and we look forward to seeing how Heidi uses her photos as she grows her business! To see Heidi's entire session, click on any of the photos below. To book your own session with us, fill out our intake form at

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