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The Big Reveal! {The Wald Family}

The chances of this photoshoot happening seemed pretty slim. It was the week of Thanksgiving when I received a phone call from Shelley. She had this beautiful idea of having a family photo session while everyone was together and boy did it turn out to be a stroke of genius! Shelley had received our name from another photographer who was unavailable (shoutout to #AllenKentPhotography - they're da bomb!) and it was like the stars aligned. She & her husband Derrick along with their 4 beautiful children flew all the way from New York to spend the holiday with Derrick's parents on Elk Lake. By the time we arrived for their photo session, the trees were decorated with handmade ornaments and it was feeling pretty festive in this cozy cottage. We're so excited to be sharing this session with the Wald family because during our time together, I felt we became more than a business relationship, but we built a friendship. We hope to photograph this family for years to come!

Please click on any of the photos below to be directed to The Wald Family Photo Gallery

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