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{Holiday Mini Sessions} The Hughes Family, Ashley's Family & Christine with Olivia!

It's the holiday seasoooooooon! We love celebrating this cozy time of year with flannel pj's, hot chocolate with little marshmallows, and Christmas Tree Farm Mini Sessions! This year we visited Robinson Family Christmas Tree Farm right in beautiful Traverse City to photograph families sharing Christmas cheer, and we stumbled upon the most wonderful opportunity. We met Christine & Olivia on our way out from our last mini session. We were packing up our gear when we saw them looking a little lost. We made eye contact and started talking about how this was their first time buying a real Christmas Tree because it's their first year of living here. They had just moved from Florida and we thought this was a great chance to photograph a mom and her daughter together picking their very first real tree together <3

Meet Christine & Olivia:

We had wonderful sessions with the Hughes family & Ashley's family last weekend! Even though it was snowing like CRAZY, we were able to capture some photos that will make you feel all warm & fuzzy inside. Check out these galleries by clicking on the photos below!

{The Hughes Family}

{Ashley, Tristan, Braelon & Bobby}

We are so excited to be delivering these photos today! Our clients are each going to receive a $48 credit in their digital galleries to use however they deem necessary (prints, Christmas Cards or digital downloads) and we're curious to see what everyone uses their credit towards. It's always a pleasure to work with new families like the Hughes and old friends like Ashley & her boys.

As we celebrate throughout the holidays, let's remember to connect with the people around us. Let's give of ourselves for others & come together as one to embrace each other in our humanity.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to your families. We hope this season is spent doing whatever makes your heart happy!


Team EBR

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