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We hear you loud & clear, Sugar & Spice ladies!

We recently announced that Rah will be hosting a Sugar & Spice Boudoir Workshop in January and we've received an overwhelmingly positive response! We are beginning to put packages together for these empowering & luxury boudoir workshop options that we think you guys are going to LOVE. We want to put this back out there into the universe...

Take it from one of our ACTUAL clients, Kirsi (pictured above), who says:

"Omg Sarah! You are so good at this! Way to make a girl feel good about herself! For real! I feel like everyone woman should do this just for themselves. ❤️❤️ (The Sugar & Spice Boudoir Workshop would) be such a cool idea for a girls day I feel like. Sit around drinking mimosas trying on pretty clothes with your friends👌🏼 Seriously so much fun! Thank you!" - Kirsi

- You'll instantly receive a coupon code for 20% off your session fee.

- You'll receive information about the workshop before ANYBODY else. Space is limited so this will help ensure that you get your spot in our workshop.

- There will be major incentives announced in your personal invitation! Plan on booking your workshop session on or before January 5th to receive additional swag, a gift card to Victoria's Secret so you can come to your session prepared with new lingerie & awesome discounts, all of which is worth approx. $250 in value and is no additional charge to you.

- People who sign up through this list will receive priority scheduling.

- Rah will AUTOMATICALLY like you. Hands down.

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