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Keeping Up With Our Fitness With Fit For You!

I think we all go through ups and downs with our fitness level, but for me, the key to consistency is accountability. I need a workout buddy. I need someone to reenforce those positive "you can do one more" vibes. When Ethan came on as full time team member in October, I looked forward to syncing our schedules together so that I could start going to the gym with him. He works out several times per week, so I had grand plans of getting into GREAT shape. Time slipped by, and Ethan's membership at Fit For You was coming up to expiration at the end of November. I asked him if he liked his gym and it was an unwavering and confident "absolutely" from him. We started attending Fit For You and he's been slowly training me into shape, but the cool part about all of this is that I immediately felt a sense of community. The staff is incredibly friendly, down to earth and professional. They have so much to offer and I felt right at home in no time. Through this connection, we were able to work with the amazing trainers & staff to update their images and get some photos of them in action. Check it out!

I think they look pretty snazzy, don't you?

If you're interested in updating photos for your website, your professional profiles, your business cards, or your social media feed, CLICK HERE FOR A QUOTE!

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