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There has always been a burning question inside of me - WHAT'S NEXT? I've never been the kind of person who just idly sits while her life passes by. I'm constantly searching for my next endeavor, whether it's a philanthropic, personal or business related goal. One of my larger goals lately has been to partner with businesses who have the same kind of drive towards growth, and who want to achieve that through personal relationships. For example - I follow a page on Instagram called U.S. Skull Hunter (and you should too!!). The owner of the pager, Hunter, posts some of the most incredible carved and painted skull artwork I've ever seen, and I really admire people who put their soul into their work. After seeing his photos in my newsfeed regularly, I decided to reach out in a private message to express my fangirl-ness over his artwork. I offered to photograph a skull so he could use the photos in his newsfeed in exchange for letting me keep a piece of his beautiful artwork. Not only will this help him keep his subscribers intrigued with some AWEOME imagery from yours truly, but it also helps him grow his brand and business to a new level. Everybody wins, and that's the kind of partnership that we like to build!

Another company we partnered with is called In The Stars Candles, and we had so much fun getting creative with how we displayed their products. Heather loves the images we've made for her and I LOVE THE WAY MY HOUSE SMELLS! We even incorporated the skull and candles together to create some really unique photos. Ethan has largely been in charge of our product photography endeavors in terms of setting scenes & photographing the products. We spent a lot of time envisioning ideas together, and he really made it all come together for both the candles & the skull. Ethan made great use of his creative skills and the end results are fantastic!

Most recently, I reached out to Stormy Kromer and secured a partnership so that we could give our family photo clients the option to throw on winter hats that are made right here in Michigan during their session. We're really excited about this, because it adds value to scheduling winter family photo sessions with us which is something we strongly encourage people to do. The hats arrived just a couple of days ago so we haven't had a family session yet, but my dog Clover got to be the first one to model my favorite hat. Check out this ham bone:

Practicing product photography is important for us. It keeps our skills sharp and we love using new and exciting lighting techniques to give our images a different perspective. If you or someone you know is interested in taking their business to the next level through the use of creative imagery to feed to your/their followers on social media, we are always open to your ideas! Send us an email today at - we would love to work out the details with you! Want to see some of our product photography work? Check out the photos for U.S. Skull Hunter below and In The Stars Candles:

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