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BNI Midday Profit Partners

One of the best things about owning your own business is that you have control of your own professional destiny. The successes or failures you experience are your own, and you find yourself connecting with other successful business owners who help you along the way. Ethan and I are both in marketing groups called "BNI" that meet every Wednesday to pass referrals and help each other grow, and it's our favorite day of the week! Not only do we have the privilege to build meaningful connections with business owners in our area, but the concept of "givers gain" is in full effect with our BNI friends. I can't speak highly enough about the effectiveness of BNI, and if you'd ever like to visit one of our groups to see what it's all about, we would love to have you as our guest! Please send us an email at for more information.

Some of our friends from Ethan's BNI group, The Midday Profit Partners, participated in a round of headshots to celebrate Ethan's first 10 minute presentation. You'll find their photos below, and you can click on any of them to be directed to the gallery of headshots we did for these fine folks. We are so excited to be revealing the final photos that we're posting this earlier than planned! Ladies & gentlemen, please let us introduce you to our friends:

Matt Dakoske

Realtor, Re/Max

Jon Upleger

Credit Card & Merchant Services, 1st National Payment Solutions

Rod Kuncaitis

Advertising Specialties-Promotional Products, American Solutions for Business

Shanda Dean

Land & Sea Travel Specialist, Cruise Planners

Vince Halek

Reverse Mortgage Lender, Reverse Mortgage USA

Julie Bravender

Residential Mortgage Lender, Great Lakes Credit Union

Sue Campana

Consultant, Mary Kay Cosmetics

And of course, Ethan Hornacek from Exposures by Rah, who is clearly excited for headshot day!

Associate Photographer

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