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Meet Kathy Neveu

I'm just going to say it. We've been honing our skills lately and really stepping up our game. From taking online courses to some new creative approaches to marketing, to purchasing new equipment, Exposures by Rah is coming up! Today is a really special day, because we got to use some of our newest, latest, greatest bits of knowledge for Kathy's headshot - YAY! We used new lighting and posing techniques to come up with this gorgeous shot. We met Kathy this morning on the base of Old Mission Peninsula, and we're so happy with her photo that we wanted to reveal it at the very top of this post. When asked about her previous headshot experiences, Kathy wasn't exactly thrilled with her outcomes. While the photos were well lit & technically sound, she felt that her last two portraits made her look boxy. She's a beautiful woman inside and out, and the last way I would describe her is boxy, but after reviewing her photos we could understand why she felt that way. Knowing this, we talked over poses, backgrounds, outfits, hair & makeup to make sure that she received a portrait she was proud of. As we were shooting and getting to know her, Kathy told us about her grand plans and big dreams - THIS is what we love most about our jobs - connecting with people. Not only is Kathy a teacher, but she's also a realtor for Real Estate One in Traverse City with a zest for life & laughter. She is an expert in both fields, and we feel fortunate to be working closely with such a motivated woman. Knowing that she would be using these portraits for business cards, we were sure to make a nice crisp edge so it will look clean in print. Kathy was the first person who we used our new Wacom Intuos Pro to edit with. If you don't know what a Wacom tablet it, that's okay - most people don't unless they're involved in graphic arts in one form or another. In a nutshell - it's a pressure sensitive pad that allows us to use a special pen to make more precise editing adjustments. Opening the box was like Christmas morning! I was having all the emotions - overwhelming joy for a new step in my personal career...fear of a drawing tablet learning curve...excitement to grow and evolve as an artist. You know - enough to make me get the anxiety shakes (maybe it was the coffee?).

If you haven't scheduled your own professional headshot with our team, now is the time. We've never been more prepared to help you achieve the look you want! Click on Kathy's photo to be directed to her digital gallery and go to to schedule YOUR headshots!

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