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Exploring Fishtown

One of our favorite places to shoot in Northern Michigan is at a cozy little Lake Michigan port called Fishtown. This quaint district in Leland has beautiful views of South Manitou Island, complete with a waterfall & river. Little shops, smoked fish, and Northern Michigan's most delicious sandwich shop - The Village Cheese Shanty. Their North Shore on homemade Pretzel bread with herbed mayo is absolutely out of this world, and it all goes down perfectly with a can of Coke (lifeblood - judge me.)

I was feeling cooped up and with such a sunny day, I decided it would be best to grab my bff (Clover, my pooch) so we could get a dose of fresh air and sunshine together. We drove down country roads with the windows down, paw in paw, singing Beyonce (okay that part was just me) and I can't tell you how great it felt! As a photographer in Northern Michigan, it's easy to find beauty all around which is why I like to keep my cameras handy. It was a good thing I did today, because the beauty of my first 2018 visit to The Village Cheese Shanty is absolutely worthy of documentation.

The diversity of this little area makes Fishtown one of my favorite places to photograph family, engagement & senior photo sessions. I've even had couples stop here to do wedding portraits Northern Michigan style! It makes for a uniquely distinct backdrop, and The Sleeping Bear Dunes are so close that we can often make time for beach photos as well. It has become a popular tourist destination since it's on M22 which is my favorite Michigan highway.

If you're thinking about hiring a photographer for professional pictures in Northern Michigan, we would love to help you create unique photos in Fishtown to hang in your very own living room. We make it easy to get a quote and schedule your family photos, senior pictures, engagement or wedding photography right online! Start by checking out our product catalog here:

Check out these engagement photos of Lindsey & Anthony which we absolutely love - we took these around this time last year!

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