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Optimize Your Online Presence ft. SafetyNet

Optimize your online presence

Every time you put a picture of yourself on the internet, it shows up when someone Googles you. Like it or not, this is a great way to build a professional brand and presence. Updating your headshot makes sure that you are regularly adding to that collection of public images of yourself, steadily increasing the positive effects of those Google searches. This is especially important for an entrepreneur! If you have started your own company, you are a key aspect of the brand. After all, your company is built around your personal goals and decisions. People need to see you when they see your brand, and getting more pictures of yourself out there is an essential part of that identification process.

By now, you probably agree that updating your headshot is important. But where do you even start? Luckily, this essential process is pretty straightforward. Just take these simple steps to start to reap the benefits of an updated profile picture:

  • Create a schedule of how often you are going to update your headshot, put it on your corporate calendar, and stick with it.

  • Each time you go to update your picture, do some research about the current trends that will help your photo look professional and modern.

  • Changing out your headshot is a low risk, high reward process, especially if you are an entrepreneur. If you start today with these three easy action steps, you will be well on your way to a more professional presence.

Take a look at these updated headshots for the new employees at SafetyNet! Click on any of the photos to be direct to the full gallery.

Thanks to Korey Howell for the great reminder about how updating your headshot can update your online presence!

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