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Professional Headshots at Teter Orthotics in Traverse City

Being a photographer in Northern Michigan was the best decision I think I've ever made. I get to travel around with my friend Ethan, take pictures of people, and make friends from all walks of life. This spring, I was traveling to Chicago for my friend Melissa's bachelorette party. We had a delay at the airport in Manistee, which meant we got to know some of the other passengers who were also waiting. This is where I met Ken, who some of my friends also knew, who happens to be the Director of Sales & Marketing for the 22 locations that Teter Orthotics has throughout the state of Michigan. As we both sat waiting for our plane to board, we got to talking about our jobs. As I began telling Ken about my life as a portrait photographer, he mentioned that Teter Orthotics would be in need of new headshots for their website. I happily shared a card with him, and sure enough I got Ken's inquiry form a few short weeks later. I'm thrilled to say we were able to help Ken and the team at Teter Orthotics with a picture day last week, and the photos are complete!

Click on any photo below to be directed to the full gallery where full color, b&w, high resolution & low resolution files are available for downloading. Thanks to Ken for making this happen - we look forward to the next round of headshots this fall!

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