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Northern Michigan Elopement | Vans Beach Leland Wedding Photographer

When dreaming of the perfect wedding day, some people picture 5 tier cakes, stretch limos, plated dinners for 250 and a wedding party of 18 people. Don't get me wrong - those weddings are SO fun to attend, and as wedding photographers we love all the details that allow for so many unique photo opportunities...

Personally, I have been the most moved by the intimacy and emotion that comes with elopements this year. Richard & Amber's Van Beach sunset ceremony in Leland was nothing short of perfection. The dog days of summer were upon us, and love was definitely in the air as these two shared the most sacred promise to each other to be by each other's side for life. It's always an honor when friends from my hometown of Battle Creek ask for our creative services, but it's even more special that these two came all the way up to Northern Michigan to make their dream wedding come true.

The culture of weddings and planning the perfect pinterest day can sometimes draw away from the idea that the point of the day is to end up married to your person. We love the idea of taking the stress out of having to please Great Aunt Gertrude (cover up those tattoos!), your mom's friends from work and your cousin who will definitely be taking advantage of the open bar. Here are some other reasons why elopements are wonderful:

- Some people are private and don't like to have all eyes on them. Eloping is a great way to control who gets to participate.

- Convenience! Traditional weddings take 6-18 months to plan. Elopements can come together in a weekend!

- The cost of a traditional wedding can be outrageous. It only costs $20 for a marriage license in Michigan!

I love that Richard & Amber decided to prioritize professional photography on their wedding day, because as you'll see - their day was straight out of a fairy tale. The small beach that Amber and her mother walked down had a handful of sunset gazers. She was absolutely stunning as she turned heads walking to her soon-to-be husband! Take it from these two and no matter the size of your wedding, be sure to document it. Thank you to Richard and Amber for including us in your day - it was so great to see you both!

Click on any of their photos below to be directed to their full gallery:

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