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Northern Michigan Newborn Photographer | Meet Sienna!

Our team has photographed countless babies, and every time we walk away saying "HOW do we get to do this for a living?!" Growing with families and photographing them through the different stages of life creates such a special bond. That's why when families ask us to photograph them a second, third, or more times, we get so excited! We want to see how big the kids have gotten, learn about their favorite subjects in school and hear about your new journeys as a family. The Wald family is a tight knit team that we had the pleasure of photographing last Fall around Thanksgiving. Imagine my surprise when I received a phone call from Shelley saying "Do you have availability this week to come out to our house for a Newborn session? I just had a baby a couple days ago!"

WHAAAATTT?! I felt like I just saw the Shelley & Derek, and now there's a whole new person added to the mix - how wonderful! Enter Sienna - she's SO sweet and her little coo's were melting my heart. This session took around 3.5 hours, which is totally normal. Some sessions go quickly because the baby stays super sleepy the whole time. Even with a milk overload, a space heater, a beautiful view of Elk Lake and some gentle rocking, it took some time for Sienna to succumb to sleep's soft call. Luckily, since we're experienced newborn photographers, we were very prepared for just such an occasion.

Sienna's photos are stunning, and we're so excited to share them! Please click any of the photos below to be directed to Sienna's full gallery. Thanks to the Wald family - we look forward to seeing you again!

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