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How Often Should I Do Family Photos? Traverse City Family Photos ft. The Ball Family

This question can be answered differently for every family, and it's a question we get a lot. As a rule of thumb, we like to say that family photos should be updated at least once per year, especially if you have children. The Ball family was SO fun to spend time with, and we got to introduce them to one of our favorite Northern Michigan beaches. I've known Dave & Nicole for over a decade, and they're two of the nicest people you could know. They're down to Earth, smart and SO witty! The sunset was gorgeous and this special family sang songs with me, danced in the lake Michigan waves, and tucked the sun in for bed. The Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore is always one of the best backdrops we have to offer in Northern Michigan, and didn't disappoint while we were there for this sunset session. The sky lit up and really gave us some beautiful colors to work with.

There are some factors that change our "once a year" answer for family pictures...For example, if you are expecting a new baby, maternity photos and newborn pictures are a great chance to include everyone in the family and might mean additional portraits within just a few months. Even adding a new furry family member can be a great reason to get outside and have a new set of family pictures taken. Maybe last time your photos were taken on a beach. Next time, we could find a beautiful barn, a field, or even a more urban "downtown" background. It all depends on what you'd like to see hanging on your walls.

We're excited to be delivering these gorgeous photos of The Ball Family, and we look forward to next year's family photo session! Click on any of the portraits below to be directed to their full gallery.

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