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Traverse City Wedding Photographer | Cobblestone Farms ft. Joe & Emily Lewis

There are mixed feelings amongst brides about rain on their wedding day. Through years of experience in wedding photography, Ethan and I have met brides who want to dance in the rain in their wedding dress and brides who won't step foot outside if it's misting. There have been times that we've had to use plan B wedding locations for weather related reasons and we've been happily surprised to shoot some of our favorite photos during dicey Northern Michigan weather.

When the Lewis' tied the knot at Cobblestone Farms nothing was going to put a damper on their beautiful fall wedding, not even a little rain. Emily was glowing as she walked down the aisle - who needs the sun when you shine bright like this:

Joe saw his beautiful bride walking down the aisle and knew that the rest of his life would be spent with the woman he adores. As they exchanged vows that they wrote themselves and the rain kept coming down, the two of them locked eyes and continued to pour their souls out to each other, and to Joe's son Trevor.

After a round of portraits with family, and then a newlywed portrait session, the party got started with an awesome photo booth, a delicious dinner, and dancing all night! Their guests enjoyed caramel apples, cupcakes & pies from Grand Traverse Pie Co.

The takeaway from all of this: Life is what you make of it. If you want to dance in the rain on your wedding day, you should do it. Being wedding photographers in Northern Michigan means we are destined to run into all kinds of weather, and we are ready for it. When choosing a wedding photographer for YOUR big day, be sure that they are comfortable, equipped and experienced shooting in inclement weather...or just call our team because you know we'll be ready for anything!

Please click on any of the photos in this blog post to see all of Emily & Joe's wedding photos from our Northern Michigan Wedding Photography team, Exposures by Rah.

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