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Suttons Bay Headshot Photographer | Northern Building Supply

Just before we took off for our winter vacation/friend's Jamaican wedding we linked up with the Suttons Bay staff of Northern Building Supply to update their company headshots. The team at LeadPlan Marketing has been working diligently to revamp their website and we look forward to seeing these photo go live. Not only have we tagged their photos with metadata made for search engine optimization, but we also edited these photos in the style of the first round of headshots we did with the Traverse City team. Consistency is key when it comes to designing an upscale website, and our team of Northern Michigan headshot photographers have honed our skills to meet your needs. Whether it's professional headshots, action stock photos or commercial product photos, our photography team continues to help small businesses in Michigan build their digital presence every day. If you're interested in learning more about how we can collaborate to take your brand to the next level, CLICK HERE!

Click on any of the headshots below to be directed to the full gallery of Suttons Bay staff at Northern Building Supply!

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