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Family Photos in Northern Michigan | Glen Haven Beach Sunset

As you can imagine, being a photographer means meeting many faces and making many friends. Over the years, we've been aquatinted with some of the most incredible people and we've had the privilege of continuing to build many of those relationships to this day. Yvette and her family live in Traverse City and they are some of those amazing peeps that I'm so fortunate to say I've been photographing for nearly my entire 9 year photography career. Check out the very first picture I ever did for Yvette when I was learning how to use a camera & how to use photoshop. This was when I was shooting for Project 231 in 2011:

Shortly after Yvette's photo shoot, she reached back out to do a family photo session which was when I met the rest of her clan:

And then we did another session the next year:

Jacob, the oldest, graduated high school and I had the pleasure of doing some senior portraits for him out on Old Mission Peninsula:

Then when Chase was a senior, you know Yvette got back in touch with us:

I'm BEYOND excited to be revealing The Spring 2019 Renaud Family Photo Session because I know Yvette is going to absolutely LOVE them! Our original location was going to be Pierce Stocking Drive - the sunsets are amazing and it looks like you're on top of the world out there, but although I read that it was open we got there and the gate was closed. BUMMER! Gotta head to a new location STAT because we're going to lose light! This is where having experience really came in handy - we knew that the old Glen Haven Coast Guard station was close by because we've done photo sessions there before. We called Yvette to let her know where we would be staging and it worked out perfectly. Check out the sunset we were graced with on this beautiful beach:

I can't believe how much everyone has grown since I saw them last! Jacob also brought his girlfriend along for family photos - she fits in perfectly with the crew!

Yvette and the Renaud family have continued to be valued members of the Exposures by Rah family, and to say thank you for their loyalty, we ended up editing more than double the number of photos promised in their package. There were SO many great moments in our session together and we look forward to printing their artwork so they can display it in their home. Click on any of the photos in this blog post to be directed to The Renaud Family's full gallery.

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