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Amazon Photos Traverse City | Northern Michigan Product Photographer

Small businesses are launching all over the country including right here in Northern Michigan. Thanks to online storefronts like Amazon, Ebay & Etsy, starting your own business selling unique and exclusive products has never been more accessible. When Amy approached our team with concept photos for her new fitness journal, I knew this was going to be a fun project.

I'm quite intrigued about how Amy designed the inside of this planner style gym log. It's so organized and it really helps give a clear picture of your workout history. Anyone who likes to make a plan, execute, and reflect on it should consider picking up one of these bad boys on Amazon.

It has a lightweight feel and the A5 size is perfect to slip into a purse or backpack to keep with you on the go. This fitness journal is perfect for the working professional who likes to keep track of their hard work & the results they achieve because of it.

Finding the right location in Traverse City for these product photos was the first obstacle we tackled for this product photography assignment. Ultimately, we decided that the Traverse City State Hospital had so many side lobbies and hallways with beautiful exposed brick and warm sunlight, so we settled on a quiet corner out of the way and got the photos we needed. The photo below looked so similar to a concept photo that Amy shared with us and I think we really nailed these product pictures!

Look for this fitness journal and more products from Tyvie Direct on in the near future! Click on any of the photos in this blog post to be directed to their full gallery of downloadable high resolution photos. If you're interested in hiring our team for product photos from your online storefront, CLICK HERE!

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