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Northern Michigan Engagement Photos | Leelanau County

In case you didn't already know, engagement photo sessions are all about love and romance and the chemistry between the engaged couple eagerly awaiting their wedding. It’s only natural that with love comes PDA. That’s right, folks: public displays of affection.

Don’t worry, I don’t mean I’m going to have you completely grope each other during your session – those aren’t pictures grandma wants to hang on her fridge. During your session, I will ask you to hold hands, hug, cuddle, and even kiss! This is part of my normal workflow for engagement sessions. I just wanted to give you a heads up before your session so you know what to expect and have time to practice if you’re currently not OK with PDA.

Click on any of the photos in this blog post to be directed to Adam & Jessica's full engagement session featuring photos at Brengman Brothers Winery, Fishtown & Vans Beach in Leland. If you're interested in scheduling engagement portraits with our team, check out our packages by CLICKING HERE!

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