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Northern Michigan Barn Wedding | Sarah & Eli at Starry Night Barn

Hey friends!

I am delighted to announce that Sarah & Eli's wedding photos are officially ready for you to view. These two have a love that is something to aspire to. They always have each other's backs and the way they laugh together is absolutely priceless.

They met through mutual friends and finally hit it off after Sarah (not me - Sarah Purvis) was photographing a wedding that Eli was in. For their first date they went out to Leland and got the cheese shanty and then drove around leelanau county. That's one of their favorite things to do still to this day!

As for the proposal, here's how they said it went down: "We were on Mackinac Island and we’re sitting on some rocks next to the water when he popped the question. Although he had kind of busted himself the week prior when he was excited and told me he bought my engagement ring. Haha"

Some of their joint hobbies include: Rock hunting. Animal hunting. Camping. Shooting bow and arrow. Fishing. Kayaking. Biking. Hiking. Off roading. Eli enjoys more winter sports/activities than Sarah. She enjoys photography part time.

The wedding was SO them. In fact, their signature gift for guests to take home was a jar of water filled with Petoskey Stones! They collected all the rocks themselves.

The wedding and reception were both located at Starry Night Barn, although the wedding party went off site for some photos by the beach.

Their reception was also pretty spectacular! Bobby Gene, the ring bearer, really cut a rug that night

If you attended this wedding, you know that anyone who missed it wishes they could have been there, too! It was quite a sight to see Sarah finally become a Purvis! Click on any of the photos in this blog post to be directed to Sarah & Eli's full gallery of wedding photos and relive the magic of their special day!

Congratulations to the newlyweds! Feel free to download share social media sized files on facebook, instagram & other platforms with photo credit to Exposures by Rah (please 😊). Prints & high resolution files may also be purchased through Sarah & Eli's gallery.

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