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Traverse City Elopement | Maxwell & Kirby | Green Lake Vacation Rental

I've got another sweet wedding for you guys today! The happy couple this time is Kirby & Maxwell, two people that anyone would love to know.

Their wedding day was truly unique. With a handful of their closest family and friends, these two vacationed on Green Lake in Interlochen. They were so laid back and just really excited to be married to each other. Their vows were so endearing I ended up in tears behind my lens.

Kirby's dress was seriously gorgeous, too! It absolutely fit her like a glove.

We had a lot of fun taking their wedding pictures. They decided it was okay to see each other during the day, but Max had not seen Kirby in her dress until she was walking down the aisle. The emotion we captured in his face was truly priceless!

The wedding was at a gorgeous vacation rental right on Green Lake in Interlochen. The waterfront ceremony took place in the shade and the photos couldn't have been more beautiful!

We asked a few questions when Kirby and Max first reached out to us. We like to share those answers because it gives a little more insight into our couples' lives. Here are the answers they gave:

  • How did you meet?

We both worked at the same restaurant. He was a manager and I was a cashier.

  • Where was your first date?

Hammerheads. It was a dumpy little pool bar by my house at the time.

  • Describe your relationship in one word.


  • How long have you been dating?

  • About 3 years

  • How did the proposal go down?

There wasn't one. We had been talking about it for about a year and decided together it was what we wanted to do next. Also, I don't like surprises lol.

  • What are some of the hobbies you enjoy doing together?

Golf, bike riding, watch movies, video games, & reading.

Okay, let's get to the pictures! If you'd like to see their full gallery, please click on any of the photos in this blog post to be directed there!

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