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Website Photos for Safety Net | Commercial Photographer Traverse City

Business has been busy these days! Between senior pictures, weddings, and now the start of commercial photo season, we've been on our toes with editing and not so much with blogging. Today I wanted to take a moment to say how grateful I am for clients (and friends) like the people at Safety Net. They've had us return to their Traverse City location countless times to update their website photos and ID badges for new employees. This time around, we busted out our giant roll of white paper to do some replacement photos for their website as some of those who were featured have since left the company. These aren't your typical headshots - these are marketing photos to help tell a story on their website! Since Safety Net is an IT company, this woman is going to be like Clippy from Microsoft Word popping up to say "How can I Help You?"

If you're looking for a team of photographers to help you redesign the look of your website, you've found us! Head over to our intake form at to tell us more about your project!

To see the full gallery of photos for Safety Net, head to

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