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Michigan Wedding Photographer | Detroit Masonic Temple | Brad & Kristina

Do you ever cross paths with people you haven't seen in years but you get right back in step the moment you see them again? That's what it was like when Brad reached out to book his wedding photos with me. Brad's younger sister, Ashley, was in my grade and we spent countless hours together! From sleepovers to swim meets, Ashley and I were in constant contact. I remember attending her mom's baby shower for Logan (who's now basically an adult which is insane). Her older brother, Brad, was in the grade ahead of me and by proxy we spent a lot of time around each other. Brad and Ashley have both gone on to accomplish some amazing feats, and now Brad can add "marriage" to that list! I cannot even begin to explain to you how excited I am to share these photos with you! Brad and Kristina tied the knot in Detroit at The Masonic Temple with their closest friends and family and I've never seen a venue like that or a love like theirs. The Masonic has 1037 rooms - many of the workers we met expressed the fact that they had not seen every room even after decades of working there. No matter which of those rooms they were in, Brad & Kristina were absolutely glowing with love for each other.

Don was my second shooter and wonderful assistant for this downstate wedding which was a treat. Working with your significant other takes finesse and I'd like to think we've got it down pretty good! We arrived in Detroit on Saturday night, but we didn't start photos with Brad & Kristina until later in the day on Sunday so what did we do on Sunday morning? We took a long overdue trip to the Detroit Zoo where all the animals were outside playing in the rain! There were no lines, I didn't have to climb on Don's shoulders to see the animals, and it was an all around lovely experience.

When we arrived to The Masonic, Ashley was the first person I saw and any pre-wedding jitters that collected in me instantly melted away. We set up our Selfie Station in the reception area, then moved on to photographing details. After that, Don & I split up - he went with the guys & I went with the ladies to document the "getting ready" process. The ladies did a little portrait session inside the gorgeous rooms at The Masonic, then I took the guys (and Ashley, the best man of course) outside to a park right across the street. We brought Brad & Kristina's Vizsla, Jax, out for portraits with his dad and for one last potty break before the ceremony; he had a very important role as ring bearer!

Below you'll find a very abbreviated gallery of photos from Brad & Kristina's wedding. If you'd like to see their full gallery, please visit

Congratulations to Brad & Kristina Goodwin! Thank you for thinking of me when it came time to book your wedding photos - I appreciate you!

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