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How to grow a photographer from the ground

- One dash of creativity

- Two cups of coffee

- More than one good reason to succeed

- Sift in a robust marketing plan

- Sleepless nights that turn into mornings

- Add in as many positive vibes as you can find

- Find a great accountant and add that, too...

- One lap cat is a must, two preferred

- A heaping helping of support from employees, friends & family

- Sprinkle in enough humility to keep everything even keeled

- A healthy dose of anxiety

- Carefully mix in a lot of on-the-go problem solving

- Add a heaping helping of self motivation. Make that two...

- Knead in the emotional gratification felt when your artwork changes someone's life

- Toss in a few top notch cameras, lenses, computers, and a home office


Mix well.

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