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What to Wear to your Photo Session

We are always getting questions about ideal wardrobe, so we thought it would be a good idea to address some of your commonly asked questions through this blog post. Let's start with the basics:

1) Less Is More When It Comes To Patterns! Prints and patterns can be distracting if they’re too busy or bold. Stick with subtle patterns in small amounts. Plaids are great and can tie together a couple of colors. Light florals or small prints are also a fine option.

2) Matchy Matchy? Unless it's normal for you to dress in matching outfits with your kids & spouse, we don't recommend that you do this for your portrait session. It's unnatural and can feel very forced. Themes are good (Like everyone wear earth tones!) but whatever you end up going with, just be comfortable and wear what makes you feel good. Try to coordinate with everyone in your group to make sure the outfits are cohesive.

3) Leave logo wear, graphic tees and baseball hats at home!

4) Black & White We recommend avoiding outfits that are starkly contrasting. For example, a white polo with black pants will stick out like a sore thumb against a natural backdrop. In a photograph, such contrast is draws your eye in an unintended direction and can prove to be extremely distracting in the photo. However, white paired with other colors (like wearing a white top under a light green pullover, for example) would be absolutely fine. 5) As for colors... Choose a color that you love (blue or green for example) and pair it with a couple neutrals that go well with almost any color (like khaki, gray, cream, or denim). Think about what you would like to see hanging on your wall. What would colors would match your living room? Following the steps will help you create a beautifully styled and timeless portrait! Here some great examples found on Pinterest that follow these guidelines and translate well on film:

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