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My Secret Stash

One of my biggest passions is working with other small business owners to create successful marketing campaigns. This was a skill that I honed during my 10 years in marketing at The Record-Eagle, and I'm so excited switch positions to be on the creative side of your marketing campaign! One of the things we love to do is to brainstorm product photos, social media content, & photos that will generally drive more business for you. That's exactly what we did when we met up with Karen from My Secret Stash! Not only is Karen a smart woman with an entrepreneurial spirit, but she's also got a keen sense of art. She especially has a great understanding of the local artist scene, and we loved partnering with her to get these AWESOME product photos! If you're looking for a fun & unique gift for your sister, brother or significant other, be sure to stop by My Secret Stash on Cass Street next to The Omelette Shoppe!

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