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New product arrival!

We've been anxiously awaiting the production and arrival of The Venner Family's print order and I have to say - their Heirloom Gallery Wrapped Canvases did NOT disappoint! This is part of our TC Cherry On Top Collection and we will have the pleasure of presenting these to Gail later today. Since there are 3 sections to their family, they decided to choose matching canvases to hang in their homes reminding them of the special bond they all share. Since we had the studio set up, we though it would be fun to get some photos of our other products too! Below the you'll see pictures of our Image Boxes both Small & Large and some fun shots of our Heirloom Albums. Check out the photos below and when you're ready to schedule a family photo shoot, start by flipping through our catalog here or click on any of the photos below to be directed to our intake form.

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