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The Hidalgo Family

We recently had the pleasure of meeting up with the Hidalgos for a beautiful family photo session at their Torch Lake home! We met Trina through working with her at Dennis, Gartland & Niergarth which is a CPA firm in Traverse City. Trina hired our team to do professional headshots for their staff this winter, and shortly after that session was completed Trina reached out to schedule her own family photos, and we were on board right away! We love doing family photos in the winter because it's such a great representation of what our area looks like for like...6 months out of the year.

Before their session, it was mentioned that it might take a little "loosening up" beforehand, so we suggested a visit from our traveling massage therapist friend, Angela Johnson. We just happen to know that an experience with her is magical! They thought that was a great idea and I believe having a massage really made a difference in the outcome of their pictures. Thanks Angela!

Trina and her husband Jeremy invited their parents over to participate in the photo session, and we're so glad they did! It took a little warming up at first, but throughout the session we were able to get some wonderful portraits along with some candid outtakes that are absolutely frame-worthy. We were able to get a variety of photos since a winter session can allow for versatility with jackets on & off - especially on a warmer day like what we had. We learned that Jeremy's parents had experience in photography and it shined through in their photos - they were posing experts!

When we came to the Hidalgo home, the first thing we did after greeting the family was to scope out their yard and nearby photo sites that would translate well in pictures. We immediately saw a bench in the back yard which we ended up moving around and using to pose bigger groups. Trina and Jeremy also suggested using a nearby log cabin for a backdrop which we absolutely loved! We found some beautiful spots with glowing sunshine right in their back yard and we're proud of the final products we were able to produce. When it was time to shake it out and take a break, we called for a snowball fight! Sometimes, you just need to bean someone you love with a snowball, am I right?

If a family photo session is on your list of things to do, don't put it off until summer! Represent your hometown and family in a way that feel familiar - with snowy photos! Get started today by checking out our product catalog at

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