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Meet the Begins!

As portrait photographers, we often have the honor to be a part of the most monumental days in the lives of our clients. Back in 2013, Blake & Danielle tied the knot in the most beautiful fashion, and we were fortunate enough to photograph the festivities.

Their family soon grew and added the lovely Kiersten who absolutely stole our hearts when we reunited for this photo session. We were elated when Danielle reached out for updated portraits! We got to catch up with The Begins and document the progress of Danielle's second pregnancy in their own home. When we arrived at their home it was a cold gloomy day outside, but that didn't matter because we had all the warmth & love needed for an indoor family photo session.

We immediately took note of the beautiful canvas prints hanging in their home...they were such familiar images and we knew instantly that they were portraits that we took on their wedding day. This is one of the most humbling feelings to experience as an artist. These two loved our work so much that they decided to permanently display it in their home. Talk about satisfaction! Their pooches even made a quick cameo for a family portrait! You can see one of the canvas prints from their wedding in the top right corner of this photo:

Danielle was absolutely radiant and Blake was proud and excited to welcome their new baby into the world. They were so good with Kiersten, and they are the kind of parents we love to work with. Kind, caring and loving words were shared, and these magical photos are the result of a happy family!

Kiersten, however, stole the show. She knew right where the baby was, and she wasn't shy about showing off her new sibling's current home (aka mom's belly)! She's going to be a wonderful big sister; there's no doubt about it. We look forward to working with the Begins again when they welcome their bundle of joy into the world for a newborn photo session! Click on any of the photos to see all of Blake, Danielle, Kiersten & Baby Begin's family photos!

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