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Doug and Judy Celebrate 50 Years of Marriage

50 years after taking their wedding vows, Doug and Judy VanDyke celebrated their union with friends and family at their Lake Leelanau home. It has not been without trials and tribulations. There have been challenges and victories, happiness and pain, but what sets their love apart is that they were able to navigate these waters together and find their way through. Doug and Judy are such gracious and loving people, and it was our honor to photograph them with their family and friends who came from all over the country this summer to celebrate this milestone. This was the first, last, and only time that something of this capacity would ever take place and we are so pleased with the way the photos turned out. For the first half of the day, we took immediate families around the beautiful property for family portrait sessions. Later in the day, we took photos of Doug and Judy as they mingled & visited with guests. Finally, we headed out on the boats for some wake surfing and swimming! It was well into the 90s on this hot Northern Michigan summer day, but we were protected under the shade of their beautifully landscaped lawn situated on the North end of North Lake Leelanau. Doug and Judy's children & grandchildren were an absolute pleasure to get to know, and it was wonderful to put faces with the names we've been speaking about for so long. We've been planning this event for well over a year, and I can't believe photo delivery day is finally here! We are extremely happy with the way this family's pictures turned out, and we hope the VanDykes love them too!

Please click on the photo below to be directed to the full gallery. In the gallery, you'll find the low resolution photos unwatermarked for your convenience. These photos are great for sharing on social media, however they're not suitable for printing. If you're interested in printing photos from this gallery, we offer a wide array of print options right through the "Print Quality" folders. We've put together print and high resolution digital package deals that are a great way to save $$$ - check them out in our catalog here:

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