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Headshot Photographer Interlochen | Parshall Tree Service

We met up with Corey from Parshall Tree Service to update his professional headshot. Corey has been nominated to serve on the board that is essentially the authority for arborists in Michigan, so he knew if he wanted to be taken seriously he needed a professional headshot. Ethan actually went to school with Corey and I live right down the road from his shop in Interlochen, so it worked out well!

Doug and Corey Parshall had a vision to deliver quality tree and landscape management for the people of Michigan and, once they started, they never looked back. They did not want to offer the same “old school” practices that were based on outdated standards of care.

Since 2008, the team at Parshall Tree Care Experts has been delivering quality results to satisfied customers. They are dedicated to exceptional tree care and maintenance with the highest safety standards. All of their practices are rooted in science and advanced training so they can provide their customers with the best care possible to their landscapes.

At Parshall Tree Care, they do not take shortcuts or lower their standard of care to save time, rather they offer their daily services with high caliber results. Their staff strives to be up-to-date and they constantly monitor the latest advancements in the field of arboriculture. They undergo advanced continuing education in current scientific advancements and safety standard enforcement. At Parshall Tree Care, they are passionate about their work, and it is reflected in thousands of properties across northern Michigan.

"Our community loves to know that when they call Parshall Tree Care, they are receiving the highest standard of care and professionalism." - Corey Parshall

Click on Cory's photo to be directed to the gallery where you can download it in color & B/W.

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