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Destination Wedding Photographer | Royalton Negril, Jamaica | #JamaicanMegAFuller

Have you ever experienced something so special that in the moment, you knew in your entire life that you would never be able to replicate the feeling again? For the first time in my life I was involved with a destination wedding on many levels, and I can say that this has solidified the fact that I would personally prefer a destination wedding of my own some day. When our friends Megan & Jordan became engaged and announced that they'd be planning a destination wedding, I knew immediately that I wanted to be there for all the amazing memories we would make together.


My boyfriend and trusty second shooter Don was kind enough to pick up the camera during the rehearsal & ceremony since I was actually IN the wedding for once! There were SO many amazing options, and editing these wedding and rehearsal dinner photos has been the highlight of my winter - Megan was absolutely stunning in her gown from One Oak Bride.

How often do you get to spend a week in paradise with 33 other people who you love dearly? It's a dream come true, friends, let me tell you. An ocean sunset wedding in January? Yes please!

All the bridesmaids who absolutely adore that bride!

Great shot, Don! You caught Jordan having a tender moment with his dad at the rehearsal.

Wedding photography is subjective - it's art. I'm so humbled to be sharing this artwork with all of you!

Megan and Jordan are both in sales positions based in Traverse City, Michigan. They are absolutely the perfect match for each other, and it was amazing to watch them say their vows in front of this stunning view.

It wouldn't be a wedding if someone didn't get iced!

The entire week was filled with laughter and love - can you believe that backdrop?!

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Fuller!

The cool kids!

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